NECK PAIN – sitting at desks, looking down for a prolonged period of time, static neck positions for long periods of time, unusual and novel positions. With all the demands we have on us every day, it is not surprising that neck pain is so common. Neck pain can be caused by minor misalignments in the cervical vertebra, by cervical discs that are bulging and pinching nerves and by muscular imbalances in the neck. By using a combination of muscle balancing, adjusting, and postural tuning we help restore the neck to its normal functioning. Neck problems, especially those that involve the cervical discs, often are the source of other problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, mid-back and shoulder pain, tennis elbow, paresthesia (numbness and tingling), migraines and headaches, and occasionally odd problems like swelling in the limbs or hands, arms falling asleep at night and during the day, tremors and whole body shakes.

CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME –the bones of the wrist, called the carpals, form an arch that allows the blood vessels and nerves to enter the hand. In carpal tunnel syndrome, the bones begin to collapse and entrap the nerves and vessels that passed through. Repetitive use can aggravate these problems to the point of being unable to effectively use the hands and experience great pain at night. Traditional treatment is directed at the wrists by using either braces or having surgery performed. We have successfully treated carpal tunnel thousands of times by addressing the real culprit. When the sixth and seventh cervical discs are bulging and pinching nerves they weaken the support musculature of the wrist and hand.  This allows the Carpal Tunnel to flatten and entrap the nerves. We find that the majority of these cases will resolve by removing the nerve interference from the cervical spine so that the muscles around the wrist and hand can work properly to maintain the correct arch in the carpal tunnel.

SHOULDERS – the shoulder joint is one of the most complicated joints in the body. Although it is considered a ball and socket joint, like your femur and hip joint, an x-ray of a shoulder makes it clear that there is no true socket that the shoulder sets in. Most of the socket of the shoulder is formed by a fibro cartilaginous extension called the labrum that is similar to a stick shift that has a piece of leather coming up to the neck and the base. This allows the shoulder to work more like a universal joint and have a greater range of motion. Proper shoulder functioning requires a balance of all of the musculature ligaments and tendons. Cervical disc problems are one of the primary reasons for shoulder dysfunction. They alter the way the muscles of the shoulder function preventing smooth joint movement. Over time, this increase in friction can cause irritations to develop like bursitis and bony spurs. We test the muscles of the shoulder to find out where exactly the problem is and then apply therapy to the areas that are not working in order to restore balance. There are four basic areas to be addressed in shoulder dysfunction; the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, the shoulder itself including the rotator cuff, and the clavicle. Typically, once these four areas of shoulder function have been addressed the shoulder returns to normal.

MIGRAINES AND HEADACHES – there are many different types of migraines and headaches. Almost every migraine and headache have one thing in common, pressure and tension. Upper cervical tension and pressure are the primary cause of all headaches including migraines. The question is "what is the source of this tension and pressure"? Cervical spine misalignment, toxicity, TMJ problems, allergies, cervical discs, hormone imbalances, bad posture, food allergies, dental problems, stress, bad eyesight, and coughing and sneezing are just a few of the many ways that this can occur. Finding out where the tension is coming from is the key. Specific manual muscle testing gives us the ability to pinpoint where the problem is and find the correct solution for that patient. Whether the Headaches are migraines (with or without an aura), cluster headaches, or from tension or hormones we can find the cause and provide the relief you are seeking.

BACK PAIN – Lumbago, low back pain, herniated or slipped discs, sciatica and a variety of other terms are used to describe back pain. We find most lower back pain is caused by mildly herniated discs. An intervertebral disc has a structure somewhat similar to that of a jelly doughnut. There is a liquid center and fibrocartilage bands that surround it holding it in the center. After an injury or enough repetitive wear and tear the disc fibers can and tear allowing for the jellylike center to bulge outward causing a herniation. This causes pressure on the nerve root creating a great deal of pain and also send symptoms down the affected nerve. A true herniation is when this jellylike center is extruded or squished out of the center and can wrap around the nerve slowly strangling it. Mild cases of disk herniation typically cause pain in the lower back from the muscles trying to stabilize the vertebra and keep pressure off of the nerves. As these intervertebral disc bulges become more pronounced, the pain in the lower back can begin to travel down the leg and into the foot. Sciatica is caused when the muscles in the gluteal region pinch the sciatic nerve as it leaves the center of the cheek and heads down the back of the leg to the foot. We have had great success using a combination of adjusting, muscle balancing and flexion distraction treatment to reduce the disc bulge or clear the sciatic irritation and resolve the pain. Most of the back pain cases do not come about from lifting furniture or falling down the stairs or some other type of traumatic event. 80 to 90% of cases result from a gradual wearing and tearing process on the body until finally one day the straw breaks the camel’s back.  Mild disc pain is often noticed first thing in the morning getting out of bed when the discs are at their most swollen. After getting up and moving around this excess fluid is squeezed out of the discs and the back pain improves.

LEG KNEE FOOT AND ANKLE PAIN – the use of manual muscle testing to evaluate these problems is critical. A lower back issue can create foot pain without any pain in the lower back. Sometimes a specific muscle has been injured and it imbalances the joint affecting the mechanics, making it move in a way it is not supposed to. Lumbar disc problems commonly affect muscles that cross the joints in the legs and are also commonly responsible for the problems we have there. Balancing the muscles and returning body mechanics back to normal resolves many of these issues. Recurring foot or ankle problems are often the result of muscular imbalances from old injuries, or problems elsewhere in the body.

PERFORMANCE TRAINING – in order for your body to perform at its peak performance level it is necessary to make sure you have everything you need to be able to perform. Proper diet and nutrition play a huge role when it comes to successful training and performance. By correctly balancing physiology and properly training we can give you the endurance required to excel in your sport. Maximize your speed, agility, reaction and endurance to put yourself on top of your sport. How you train makes a difference too. By combining proven methods to easily measure and monitor the training program we can minimize the wear and tear on the body, reduce injuries and dramatically increase performance. You will never know how fast you could have been! We design custom programs based on your sport, intensity level and unique physiology to let you function at your peak performance. Stop the cycle of injuries that takes all the fun out of playing hard.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS – plantar fasciitis is a painful condition of the sole of the foot and heel caused by too much tension in the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. Typically causing pain after laying down or sitting for a prolonged period, these structures tighten while you are off your feet and then have to be painfully stretched out once you stand back up and start walking again. Muscle testing provides a great tool for finding where the problem is coming from and how to correct it. It is not unusual for mild lumbar disc bulging, sciatica and knee issues to be the real source of the problem. Orthotics can be useful in the correction as a stabilizing device but rarely fix the problem. On their own, they merely provide structural support to the foot without correcting the underlying imbalances. Often heel spurs are blamed and can of course be a cause of the problem but if the tender spot on the front of your heel is more to the middle side of your foot rather than in the middle of the front of the heel then it is unlikely that the heel spur is the source of the plantar fasciitis. We can help you track down the real problem.

TMJ AND CRANIAL WORK – The temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) is a very important and sensitive structure that not only helps us eat and talk but also is an important part of the righting reflex system in our bodies. TMJ problems can manifest as jaw pain, biting/chewing problems, locked jaw, earaches, neck pain and headaches. Even conditions like vertigo and lower back pain can be caused by the temporo-mandibular joint. The cranium or skull is comprised of many different bones that form true articulations with one another and are considered movable joints. The small amount of movement in these joints allows for cerebral spinal fluid or CSF to be circulated through the central nervous system providing oxygen and nutrition to our brain. Any interference in this mechanism can lead to virtually any type of problem since it can affect any aspect of brain functioning. Cranial faults or misalignments and improper cranial movement commonly cause headaches, back pain, neck pain, stiffness and tension and a wide variety of other conditions.

HIATAL HERNIA – a hiatal hernia exists when the stomach and esophagus is pushed up into the hole in the diaphragm called the hiatus. This interferes with the diaphragm flattening fully to get a deep breath and causes an irritation of the stomach and sometimes the heart. Known medically as the “Great Imitator”, a hiatal hernia can cause almost any type of digestive problem including reflux, Gerd, excessive belching or hiccupping, feeling too full or needing to eat a little something all of the time, heartburn, upper abdominal bloating, food stagnation, nausea etc. It can also affect the heart and chest resulting in high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, skipped heart beats, pain radiating into the left arm, chest pressure and tension, shortness of breath, and a feeling of panic or anxiety. Traditionally, acid blockers like Zantac, Nexium, Prevacid, and Prilosec have been used to manage the symptoms.  Unfortunately that also impairs our digestion. By correcting imbalances in the diaphragm and balancing musculature we are able to eliminate this condition for many people. Hiatal hernias are almost always caused by too much abdominal pressure and tension. Bad posture, a poor diet, eating too much at a meal, certain types of exercises, and poor digestion are often to blame. Ironically, it is often a lack of stomach acid to activate our enzymes to allow our food to digest properly and in a timely manner that helps create and then perpetuate the hernias.

Rib Pain – Rib pain is possibly the most painful "non-serious" condition that people can get. It is usually sharp, occurring on a deep breath in or out, a laugh, a sneeze or a cough. Usually it is located about an inch from the spine but it can radiate around the course of the rib, be felt on the side only, or in the front. Both adjusting and restoring proper muscle tone to the area is critical in correcting this problem.

HORMONES – Proper hormone balance is critical to have our bodies work the best they can. Hormonal imbalances affect many things including mood, energy, sleep, fatigue, libido, healing, recovery time, the aging process, digestion, migraines, depression and many others. Many toxins in our environment, including petrochemicals, plastics and synthetic fibers mimic estrogen compromising our body's ability to manage our own hormones properly. Heavy metal residues interfere with hormonal balance creating another spectrum of problems. Dietary sensitivities perpetuate hormone imbalances. Combining thorough testing with the necessary nutrition and detoxification and a proper diet, we allow the body to heal itself and return to healthy vital living. Sometimes there is a need for bio identical hormone supplementation. Bio identical hormones, unlike their medical cousins, are the exact same structure as the hormones present in your body. Synthetic or prescription hormones are not the same shape and structure as the hormones they are replacing within your body. This is the primary reason for the side effects and cancer-causing properties of these medical hormones. Bio identical hormones do not share these traits with their medical cousins. We often find that short term usage of bio identical hormones allows the body to "re-prime" the pump and allow the body to function again normally on its own.

SLEEP/FATIGUE – Sleep and fatigue problems are one of the most common things people see doctors for. Fatigue is the number one complaint in a doctor’s office. A common cause of fatigue is an imbalance in the Adrenal and Thyroid glands. High levels of stress in the form of toxicity, mental emotional stress, poor diet, emotional upset, lack of sleep, long work hours, bad finances, poor health of a loved one, and for that matter passionate kisses and too much excitement causes the adrenal glands to become more active. Anything that increases stress in the body increases the burden on the adrenal glands. Normally this isn't a problem, but when we don’t get a break in the stress, our systems get out of balance. Most commonly the body favors excess adrenal activity while at same time depressing thyroid activity. For women this problem can be especially treacherous. As a woman becomes peri-menopausal and then menopausal, her adrenal glands take over the majority of the production of her estrogens from her uterus and ovaries. This places an even greater burden on the adrenal glands and tends to cause them to get even more active. It is no wonder why women have more thyroid issues than men, especially after the age of 40. There is a typical sleep and fatigue pattern that we see with this imbalance.  Fatigue around 3 to 4 in the afternoon that clears around six or seven at night. If you go to bed after 10 o'clock it is typical for your body to be tired but for your brain to be wired, laying bed going through lists in your head that are usually trivial. Usually a person is too hot with the covers on, but too cold with the covers off, so an arm and a leg are left out from under the blanket. Once you do get to sleep, there is a great tendency to wake up at either 3 or 4 am, urinate, and then have difficulty getting back to sleep for the  next 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Symptoms are usually more consistent after the age of 32.  We know how to help.

MOOD SWINGS DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY – It is common for people to explain mood swings, depression and anxiety as a result of too much stress. While stress is a major component of these conditions, it is how the body adapts to accommodate these prolonged stresses that help ease us down the road towards those conditions. Mood swings can be related to blood sugar imbalances which are very common when the adrenal glands are being overstressed. The overactive of adrenal glands will depress thyroid functioning. Low thyroid functioning can create a tearful type of sadness and general oversensitivity to emotional issues. Excess adrenal activity tends to create feelings of hopelessness and often lead to the phrase "why should I even bother or try". Besides being able to create digestive or cardiac symptoms, hiatal hernias sometimes create an anxious and nervous mood and can even lead to panic attacks. Heavy metal toxicity, particularly copper toxicity, can be responsible for suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Instead of the shotgun medication and supplement approach, our goal is to determine where the problem lies so we can provide a timely and effective correction so you can get back to normal again.

Autoimmune Diseases – Autoimmune conditions are a result of confusion in the body. The body loses the ability to distinguish between itself and a foreign invader and begins to attack itself. At the lighter end of the spectrum allergies are an autoimmune condition. At the heavier and we see conditions like MS, lupus, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, arthritic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease and many others. As the name suggests, autoimmune diseases involve problems with the immune system. This is often related to some type of toxicity that can include heavy metals, organic poisons like dioxins and PCBs, petrochemical residues, radiation and many others. Careful testing of the body using blood, urine, and muscle testing often provide us with the answers that we need in order to safely and effectively detoxify the body and return the patient to health. Food allergies can also play a significant role in promoting autoimmune conditions. By utilizing specific testing and by providing the body with the nutrients it needs in order to function optimally, we see great improvements in all of these conditions.

Allergies – Allergies are a mild autoimmune disturbances that essentially cause swelling where they occur. When we have sinus allergies is because our sinuses have become swollen and irritated due to the release of histamine. There are two primary forms of allergic response in the body, the IgE and IgG immunoglobulins. IGE, immunoglobulin E, is the allergy response that all of us know about. This is the response you get from pollen, hay fever, dog or cat allergies, perfumes etc.  These are fast acting allergies that cause the affected tissues to release histamine upon exposure to the allergen. The histamine causes swelling and itching and, depending on where this occurs, it dictates what kind of symptoms we have. If it is in the skin, we get hives. If it is in the sinuses, we sneeze and blow our noses. If it happened in the colon we might get constipation or diarrhea. These allergies are fast acting, and as soon as we get away from the allergen, are fast to go away. IgG, immunoglobulin G, is the allergy response that most people are unaware of. This type of an allergy tends to be a food allergy and works differently than the IgE response. The IgG response is an immune antibody response where the body actually makes an antibody to "grab onto" the allergic particle and remove it from the body. It is a delayed response that usually takes a minimum of two hours for symptoms to occur. Initially, there will be an acute response of some type. After several hours this response will attenuate into a more chronic response that usually people think is just a trait that they possess. These traits are things like "I just have a sensitive stomach", "I'm tired a lot", "I don't sleep very well", "I have trouble with constipation or irritable bowel syndrome", "I get sick frequently", "I have a bad back", "I get migraines", "my menstrual cycle is off" and many others. Conventional medical methods of testing for allergies are typically done using the "scratch test" or "RAST" tests. Unfortunately, both of these tests give high amounts of both false positives and false negatives making it difficult to accurately interpret them. We have found muscle testing to be very effective in determining what allergens a person has most of the time. Occasionally we have to rely on other more sensitive blood tests like the Elisa test to find out what is irritating someone. Balancing the body and immune system, providing the proper nutrition, and using natural allergy remedies we have been very successful at helping eliminate or manage allergies successfully.

Blood Testing –Does how a person feel indicate their health status? A person can lose up to 80% of either their kidney or liver functioning and have virtually no symptoms. Can you feel your cholesterol level? We all know or have heard of someone who seems completely healthy suddenly getting sick and dying or having a sudden vascular event like a heart attack, stroke or aneurysm. It is very rare for people to know that something is coming on their own. Blood testing is the best way of inexpensively finding out if there are problems brewing or if you are in serious trouble before the crisis hits. We offer the full array of blood testing through LabCorp at deeply discounted prices. Blood testing is the gold standard for evaluating the physiology of the body and being able to determine if the medications and nutrients you are taking are working correctly. We offer a broad-based investigational blood panel that examines over 53 different blood markers for $236. Any individual blood test is available as well also at a discounted rate. We combine your blood work with other tests including urinalysis and create a custom report for you telling you what supplements your body needs and what lifestyle and dietary changes can help restore your body to normal function. We don't take patients off of medications, but if we can make your numbers normal, your doctor will. Stop worrying and find out what action, if any, you need to take for a long, healthy and vital life. All blood draws are done at LabCorp.

Toxic Metal Urinalysis – Heavy metal toxicity is a significant problem in our society. Insecticides, fungicides, most color pigments, makeup, art supplies, amalgam fillings, medications, and many other substances we come into contact with daily contain heavy metals. Industrial pollution, jewelry, canned foods and beverages, and many types of manufacturing also create high amounts of heavy metals. These substances make their way into our bodies and create major problems. Lead and Mercury are both neurotoxins and can affect nerves and brain functioning. Lead also stores in the bones and can both weaken them and cause them to become distorted and misshapen. Numbness and tingling (paresthesia), nerve and bone pain can be caused by them. Arsenic and aluminum are also common metal toxins. Hormone problems, degenerative conditions, memory and cognitive impairment and virtually any condition can be related to these toxicities. By using a simple urinalysis we are able to determine if someone has high amounts of these toxic metals affecting their system. By combining this information with the appropriate blood tests we can devise a program to safely detoxify your body and get you back on the road to health. This six-hour test can be completed at home.

Urinalysis – We provide simple urine screening for infection, diabetes, kidney problems etc. Testing a simple and is done in the office.

Hair Analysis – Here at Total Health and Performance Center, we use hair analysis to screen patients for proper mineral balance and heavy metal toxicity. This simple test can reveal long-term imbalances in nutrition and provides us with an effective way of determining what supplements will actually benefit the patient.

Asthma – Asthma is a serious, life-threatening condition that is usually episodic. Asthma is most commonly triggered by allergic irritation and patients with asthma usually have an irritated immune system and are often toxic. The breathing center is located in the brainstem in the upper part of the neck.  Problems with spinal alignment can affect this area.  Historically, Chiropractic adjustments have been very effective at improving the ability of asthmatics to breathe. By combining this with specific testing we can help pinpoint what factors are causing the problem and address them successfully. Sometimes the immune system is simply too weak to deal normally with allergens. Food allergies that are untreated can magnify other allergens.  There are many ways that the immune system can get irritated.  Through careful, methodical testing we can help pinpoint where the problems lie and find a simple, effective solution without drugs. By addressing your specific problems we can find the answers you need to get your life back to normal.

Food Allergies – Food allergies can play a huge role in someone's health. This type of allergy is different than the normal hay fever, pollen, dog and cat allergies etc. that most of us are familiar with. Those allergies are known as IgE (immune globulin E) allergies. They are fast acting and go away quickly once the allergen is removed. Food allergies use a different fraction of the immune system called IgG.  IgG or immunoglobulin G, is the allergy response that most people are unaware of. The IgG response is an immune antibody response where the body actually makes an antibody to "grab onto" the allergic particle and remove it from the body. The IgG response is a delayed response that usually takes a minimum of two hours for symptoms to occur. Initially, there will be an acute response of some type. After several hours this response will attenuate into a more chronic response that usually people think is just a trait that they possess. These traits are things like "I just have a sensitive stomach", "I'm tired a lot", "I don't sleep very well", "I have trouble with my constipation or irritable bowel syndrome", "I get sick frequently", "I have a bad back", "I get migraines", "my menstrual cycle is off" and many others. People frequently crave the food that they are allergic to because it gives them a short term lift as it enters the body by causing the adrenal glands to release cortisol which gives us a bit of pep in our step initially.

Detoxification – The human body is an amazing organism that has the ability to heal, and regulate itself for optimal functioning. It possesses a myriad of intricate feedback loops and biological rhythms, including detoxifying the waste material it absorbs and produces. Detoxification pathways must function normally for us to be healthy and vital. The toxic world we live in makes it easy for our systems to become overloaded and clogged up.  This is what often leads to dysfunction and degeneration in the body. Toxins produce free radicals, and free radicals damage our bodies. By use of careful, noninvasive testing we can help pinpoint what specific toxins are disrupting your health and develop an effective detoxification strategy for your individual needs. Sometimes the body is not getting the proper nutrients and enzymes to properly detoxify itself. By using thorough blood testing (at very affordable prices) combined with urinalysis and functional testing of the body we can determine what your body needs to make your detoxification pathways work like new again. It is important to know what needs detoxifying. A liver/gallbladder detoxification and flush can do wonders when those two organs are toxic. But, if you have heavy metal toxicity, it could actually make your body feel worse and not detoxify the metals at all. It is also important that a person's body be strong enough to handle the irritation of the toxins as they are being removed. Proper detoxification should not make you "feel bad". When your body doesn't have everything it needs and you are trying to detoxify, you are merely liberating toxins the body has "swept under the rug" back into circulation. This allows the liver to only partially process them which actually makes a more toxic product. Without the proper fuel to fully detoxify yourself, you will feel worse by actually increasing your active toxic load. By knowing what the actual problem is, we can give your body the fuel it needs to properly detoxify you fully. We can let your body return to its normal function and health. Let us show you how.

Cholesterol – One of the most misunderstood topics in health today is cholesterol. Cholesterol is a building block for many different things in the body including cell membranes, hormones, neurotransmitters, nerve tissue and many others. Typically just thought of as bad, too little cholesterol can be a more serious problem than too much as it starves the body of the raw materials it needs to function properly. Studies have shown that too low a Cholesterol level can be a predictor of death. LDL cholesterol, generally thought of as the "bad cholesterol" since it tends to clog the smaller arteries and cause plaqueing of the arteries, is actually useful when an infection is present or the body needs to repair tissue. Cholesterol naturally rises as we get older and often the elderly suffer from a dementia/brain fog induced by Statin medications lowering cholesterol too much. Statins have been linked to muscle pain and wasting and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) since it blocks the body’s production of Vitamin Co-Q10.  Because cholesterol has so many different functions in the body there is not usually one single reason why it elevates. We find with thorough blood testing that we are very successful at bringing both cholesterol and triglycerides down to healthy levels with the use of proper supplementation and dietary modification. Interestingly, diet alone is estimated to only account for 20% of cholesterol production. That means if your cholesterol is at 250, then a perfect diet would only bring you down to 200. This is a number most doctors still would not be happy with. We can show you what you need to do so you can avoid the Statin trap.

Blood Sugar/Diabetes – Blood sugar balance is an important part of optimal health. The key word here is balance. Our bodies have to manage the flood of sugar that comes in after we eat a meal and provide us with a steady amount of glucose between those same meals. When blood sugar gets too low it is called hypoglycemia. Blood sugar that is too high is known as diabetes. Diabetes can be further divided into two categories diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. Diabetes mellitus is the most common form of diabetes and usually occurs in adults. It is generally considered to be self-inflicted through poor diet and nutrition. Diabetes insipidus usually occurs in young people and is an autoimmune condition that destroys the Isilet cells of the pancreas which produce insulin. In either of its forms, it is a degenerative condition that creates and exacerbates many additional problems including heart and blood vessel health, kidney problems, neuropathy, high cholesterol, weakened immune system, and a variety of other conditions. Cancer cells love excess sugar and so diabetes or hyperglycemia helps to feed those processes. Blood sugar handling problems can arise from a variety of different places. Hormonal imbalance, especially the adrenal hormones which help balance blood sugar, can cause or exacerbate the problem. Different mineral and nutrient deficiencies can predispose you to this imbalance as well. Some medications interfere with proper blood sugar metabolism. Through the use of thorough testing we can help pinpoint the causes of your blood sugar handling problem and devise an effective strategy to bring you back into balance.

Heavy Metals – In my time in practice I have seen a steady increase in problems associated or caused by toxicity. Our world is becoming more and more polluted and we live in that world. We have found heavy metal toxicity to be a significant problem for many people. Heavy metals are all around us. The FD&C pigments we use to color things are heavy metal salts. FD&C stands for food, drug and cosmetic and they are found in virtually all food colorings, cosmetics, hair coloring and nail polish. Heavy metals make up most of the color in art pigments and supplies. Insecticides, fungicides and other farm chemicals commonly contain lead, copper, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals. Although leaded paint has been discontinued there is still the lead paint that remains on the walls that people have merely painted over. High amounts of seafood consumption can cause Mercury to accumulate in the body. Dental amalgam fillings have been shown to release Mercury slowly and infiltrate the body. The creek I played in when I was a child turned out to have toxic chemicals being dumped into it upstream from me by an electronics company. People who have worked in and around the marine industry or were in the Navy or other armed service commonly have exposure to many metals. The question isn't whether you have been exposed, it is how much have you been exposed and is your body effectively eliminating them? These irritants react with our body in many different ways and none of them are good. They lead to degeneration and dysfunction and often turn the body upon itself similar to an autoimmune disease. Both lead and Mercury are neurotoxins which can get into the nerves and affect them creating pain, numbness and paralysis. We have found that some types of musculoskeletal pain are actually metal toxicity irritating the nervous system. Aluminum toxicity has been associated with Alzheimer's disease. We have tests to determine if these metals are affecting you. In our experience, any condition from thyroid problems, cancer and autoimmune diseases to musculoskeletal conditions like back pain, sciatic, dropped foot and headaches can be caused by them. We have a number of different methods that are effective in removing these metals from your body.


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